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Mangorei School is a city school with a country heart.  It is located on the outskirts of New Plymouth city providing it with the clean, fresh feel of the countryside and the dynamic feeling of the city.  Those at Mangorei School get the best of both worlds.

 We are a Decile 10, Full Primary School. (Includes intermediate aged students.) Currently 20% of our children come from the country area and 80% from the city, mostly from the New Plymouth suburb of Highlands Park.

The ethnic composition is: NZ European 91%; Maori 7 %; other ethnic groups 2%.

Management, staff and parents have high expectations that all children will achieve. The teaching environment is a collaborative one where being able to work as part of team is essential. 

Innovative teaching practices are encouraged with the provision of quality professional development opportunities for staff being a high priority of the Board of Trustees.

The use of ICT within the context of the curriculum is becoming an integral feature of school wide learning programmes.

The country school heritage is valued and traditional activities continue to feature throughout the year.

A family atmosphere, enhanced by having a Year 7/8 component at the school is woven into the culture of the school.  Planned activities where older children mix with younger children occur on a regular basis.





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