Information for New Enrolments

All new enrolments to the school will need -

  • a copy of the original full birth certificate
  • an immunisation certificate
  • the name and phone number of your doctor
  • the names of two emergency contacts


For students born outside of New Zealand, one of the following is also required

a)  New Zealand Passport

b)  other passport showing personal details and:

 i)  permanent residence permit and entry stamp, or

 ii)  student permit and entry stamp together with passport of parent showing work permit entry stamp

iii)  Certificate of Citizenship


For students aged between 5 and 6 years who are beginning school for the first time, the transition to school process includes -

  • an orientation meeting for parents, usually in the term before starting school
  • classroom visits (9.00am -10.30am Thursdays) for child and parent/ caregiver


Click here to view our “Starting School” booklet

Click here to view the school Enrolment Scheme and Zone

Please contact the school office if you would like to visit the school or for further enrolment information.


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